Melanie Shi, M. RED, AACI, P.App. cell: 604-828-9398

Our company’s president Melanie Shi obtained AACI (Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute) designation in 2006 and has maintained good standing with the Institute. Melanie Shi is fluent in English and Mandarin.

Melanie Shi has been in real estate appraisal business for over 12 years and has extensive experience in appraisal of common types of properties including development lands, residential, office, retail, industrial and agricultural. She appraised over 600 properties in Lower Mainland, British Columbia, specialized in urban cities: Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby. She also established expertise in valuation of partial interests for legal, negotiation and expropriation purposes.

Very often in this business “no news is good news”- as long as the clients do not complain, then your service is satisfactory to them. However, in this competitive business, Melanie always got compliments from her clients, with clients’ emails and repeating referrals as proof. Placing the clients’ need in the first place is her standard. Her quick delivery of high quality appraisal reports facilitated the lenders making prompt mortgage approval and helped the negotiation parties reaching a fair deal sooner.

In her early career, Melanie Shi was an architect in Beijing, China and designed many commercial properties with developers. This background gave her solid foundation on valuation of proposed development projects.

Her serviced clients include BMO Bank of Montreal, First Commercial Bank, TD Bank, Royal Bank, CIBC, West Canadian Bank, VanCity, Blue Shore Financial, Mega Bank, CTC Bank of Canada, Korea Exchange Bank, City of Vancouver, Gateway Project, Evergreen Line Project, BC Hydro, law firms, private investors and developers.

石淼, 注册地产评估师, 房地产开发专业硕士

公司创办人石淼是全加少数讲华语的地产评估师之一.她于2001年毕业于美国南加州大学, 获得房地产开发专业硕士学位荣誉毕业生. 2002 年开始在温哥华从事房地产评估工作; 2006年得到加拿大评估协会注册评估师资质. 在过去十余年, 积累了评估开发用地, 住宅, 办公, 零售, 工业, 及农业用地的丰富经验. 评估过的物业遍及卑诗省大温地区各城市. 另外, 她参与过海天公路, 加拿大线, 常青线的政府征地评估, 对于特殊物业权益(special interests such as partial taking, partial interest, air space right etc.) 有估价经验.

在竞争激烈的地产服务业, 得到客户的赞美之词往往是奢求. 但是她能时常收到客户的电邮表示对她工作的认同, 并推荐她给新的客户. 这是因为她总是把客户的需要放在第一位, 提供快速, 优质的评估报告, 从而推动贷款顺利批准和帮助买卖双方达成合理的成交价格. 在她移民加拿大之前, 在中国北京做建筑师的职业背景让她评估住宅及商业地产开发项目游刃有余.

她服务过的客户包括加拿大各大商业银行及贷款机构, 亚洲国家的加拿大子行, 贷款经纪, 地产开发商, 政府机构, 及私人投资者.