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Appraisal Intelligence Inc. was incorporated in 2007 in Vancouver. The main business of the company is providing real estate valuation and consulting services for financing, purchase and sale, expropriation, development, legal and accounting purposes.

Our professionals are fully accredited members of Appraisal Institute of Canada and have extensive experience in valuation of various types of commercial and residential properties, with focus on real estate market of Lower Mainland, British Columbia. We provide narrative and form reports complying with Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

评智公司在2007 年成立于温哥华。公司的主要业务是提供房地产评估及咨询服务。评估目的包括贷款, 买卖, 开发, 法律, 税务管理及政府征地。我们的评估师是加拿大评 估协会认证的专业评估师, 对各种类型的地产估价都有丰富经验, 专门服务卑诗省低陆平原地区。我们的评估报告严格遵循“加拿大职业评估统一执业守则”。

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